Engraved Valentine's Day Heart Pacifier/Binky Clip Combo

Engraved Valentine's Day Heart Pacifier/Binky Clip Combo

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Engraved Valentine's Day Heart Pacifier/Binky Clip Combo

These are perfect for Valentine's Day and regular anytime use too! Our engraved heart personalized with the name makes a unique gift. Teething leash can be used with your fave pacifier too (yay for multi-use!) Perfect for attaching pacifiers and teethers so they don't drop to the ground and easy access for the little ones. The teething leash measures about 10" without the teether attached.  

  • 100% non-toxic/food grade silicone
  • No BPA/lead/PVC/mercury/phthalates/cadmium
  • Eco-friendly
  • FDA approved
  • Perfect for teething babies to keep those pacifiers from dropping to the floor
  • Beads are all silicone and are soft on babies' gums
  • All-natural beech wood heart teething ring (hand sealed with 100% organic beeswax and 100% organic coconut oil)

For name engraving, the space is limited to 10 characters. If you have a short first name and want to squeeze in that middle name, go for it! The engraving space is limited, so be aware that the more letters you put in, the smaller the font will be to squeeze it into the space.. Also note, however, the name the name is typed is how we will engrave it so make sure to double check the caps and spelling.

Measurements (approximately):

Leash: 10" long and heart: 2.75" x 2.5" x 0.4"


Please check often for wear and when wood shows signs of wear, throw away immediately. As usual, please monitor baby when using teething toys. The silicone leash portion is meant to be chewed by your little one, but please make sure they do not chew on the metal clip portion as that is not meant to be used for teething.. *Please note that colors may be slightly different than what you see on your computer screen and name placement and size will vary depending on name.




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